The third meeting of the FBI-ITN Project was hosted in Germany, by iThera Medical, Technical University of Munich and Helmholtz Zentrum. The four-day meeting was held between 18th to 21st of June.

The first two days of the meeting were evolved around discussions between the ESRs and the supervisors on their respective progress in their project. The ESRs presented their progress summaries and in-turn, received constructive feedback from both fellow ESRs and the supervisors. The ESRs also had the chance to review and refine their Career Development Plans (CDPs) as well as reiterate on the possible collaborations with other consortium as part of their secondments. There was a change in the members of the student board. New members were elected into the student board, and plans for the Mid-term Review in Copenhagen were scheduled.


On third day of the meeting, there was a workshop on Ethics. The workshop was conducted by Prof. Oliver Rauprich. Before the Ethics workshop, the ESRs were tasked to do research on the possible ethical issues around their projects. A one-page presentation regarding ethics was included in the ESRs’ progress reports. The ethics workshop was really engaging and enlightening. The ethics of the research within the FBI-ITN projects were examined to everyone’s understanding. The ESRs had the opportunity to learn about the science of ethics and conducting fair and legal research. On behalf of the ESRs, I would like to thank Prof. Oliver Rauprich once again for his time and dedication all through the workshop.


On the final day of the meeting, the ESRs, and supervisors visited the European Patent Office (EPO), in Munich. The visit to the EPO gave a detailed insight into information about applying and searching for patents. The legal issues and economic impact of patents were also discussed.


Concluding, the meeting was very educative, and fun. Meeting with other members of the network is always a pleasure. Speedy recovery to Mikael who could not make it to Munich. Congratulations to Igor on his published research paper in Science. Thank you, Igor, for setting the bar so high. I would also like to thank our lovely hosts, Zak, Parastoo, Antonia, Christian and all the “behind-the-scenes” people for making the visit to Munich feasible, comforting and fun.

Hoping to see you all in Copenhagen!