FBI meeting in Eindhoven

From the 20th to the 23rd of February, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and Philips Research hosted the second meeting of the FBI project in Eindhoven. In the first three days of the event, the ESRs had the opportunity to attend two different workshops: one focused on improving their own skills in scientific writing, and the other one to get a flavour of entrepreneurship. During the last day the ESRs presented the progress in their own work.

During the workshop on scientific writing of Tuesday and Wednesday, Nathalie Le Bot and Rosy Favicchio,  editors at Nature, explained what are the strategies and techniques that will help us improving our scientific writing skills, giving us a first-hand insight into the publishing process at top-tier journals. This was a unique opportunity to interact with experienced Nature journal editors, who offered a mix of expert instruction and hands-on support, tips on making the most of our manuscript preparation and, also, providing practical solutions to common science communication problems.

The entrepreneurship workshop, held by professor Jes Broeg from the Technical University of Denmark, offered us a broad overview of  the importance of extending research ideas into a business model. He did offer a wide variety of practical examples, such as Google and Facebook and he shared his own experience as entrepreneur, from his first discoveries as a PhD student to the funding of his own start-up. During the afternoon, the ESRs tested what they learned with a pitch competition. Divided in three teams, they had to propose their own service/product in front of a jury representing a future customer or investor.

On Friday morning, the ESRs shared their own progress in a brief presentation.  A follow up discussion allowed the ESRs to receive inputs and suggestions on their work opening for future collaborations among the several organizations involved in the FBI project. During the afternoon, the ESRs enjoyed a visit to the clean room of TU/e. Two experts guided them in the lab, showing the equipment they use and explaining the several processes involved in the microfabrication.

Me, Roger and Rastko, as ESRs organizing the event, would really thank all the FBI members for participating in this meeting. For us, it has been a pleasure hosting the meeting in our city and overall we hope this gave you some inputs in pursuing your own projects.