Poster award for Marco Lai at SPIE Medical Imaging

During the SPIE Medical Imaging conference 2020, Marco Lai wins the Honorable mention award for his poster on “Automated classification of brain tissue: comparison between hyperspectral imaging and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy”.

As one of the leading international conferences on medical imaging, the SPIE Medical Imaging conference takes place every year during the second week of February. The conference attracts over 1200 leading researchers in medical imaging from all over the word, which present their work in image processing, computer-aided diagnosis, image-guided procedures, radiology and digital pathology, with an increased focus on fast emerging areas like deep learning, AI, and machine learning. The conference annually hosts the Best Student Poster presentation contests, with certificates awarded, and this year Marco won the Honorable mention award for his work on endoscopic hyperspectral imaging.

Working full-time at Philips Research, the work of Marco focuses on the development of a novel endoscopic navigation technique for endo-nasal skull-base surgery. This new AR endoscopic navigation system aims to improve and facilitate minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures by combining CT and MR images with endoscopic images. In this way, this technological approach could be a valuable aid for improving surgical tool navigation and accuracy, as well as reducing procedure times and risk for the patient.

Marco Says: “Besides the main track of the PhD, I am also exploring other imaging technologies that enable real-time tissue classification during surgery; this is the reason why I worked also on hyperspectral imaging (HSI). The work I presented at the SPIE conference is a feasibility study on the integration of HSI on an endoscope for neurosurgery, which may allow in the future the real-time classification of brain and tumorous tissue.”