Promoting Biomedical Imaging at Secondary Schools

The final years of secondary school are some of the most challenging times for a student. Should I go to university? Should I do an internship? What should I specialize in?? To help with these critical decisions, Institutions provide several career workshops, Companies hold open days and Universities invite alumni to provide guidance. Having experience in both industry and academia, Zak visited the Bavarian International School, Phorms Campus München and St. George’s British International School to promote the future of biomedical imaging. Talking about the applications of Imaging modalities including Optical Coherence Tomography and Optoacoustics combined with sharing his experience of working as a Product development engineer in a large medical device firm, conducting experiments as part of his Master’s thesis or volunteering in Africa opened the floor to several questions posed by the students.

Zak promoting the FBI at schools

At the end of his presentations, Zak was surprised to receive so many questions. It’s great so see that there is so much interest in the field of biomedical imaging. At one school we ran out of question time, another school asked if they can organize a school trip to visit our photonics labs. On the 21st of February we are expected to give a lab tour of our research center in Munich to another group of students. Having set some time aside from his research to give back to the local community, Zak looks forward to organizing more outreach activities in the near future and continue promoting science in schools.